Markus (Oliver) Junginger
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MSc Thesis

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A High Performance Messaging System for Peer-to-Peer Networks.
[Junginger 2003 Thesis (PDF)]

Thesis Abstract

Emerging peer-to-peer concepts provide new possibilities but also challenges for distributed applications. Despite their significant potential, current peer-to-peer networks lack efficient group communication. This thesis addresses this deficiency and proposes the P2P Messaging System, which collaborates with peer-to-peer networks. For each peer group, it establishes virtual overlay networks based on the novel multi-ring topology that addresses peer heterogeneity and dynamics. Thus, the system overcomes the topological restrictions of peer-to-peer networks and provides a scalable and robust high performance infrastructure tailored to group communication. The P2P Messaging System derived from a server-less and extensible high performance messaging system, also introduced by this thesis. Because of the component-based architecture, many components of the server-less system are reused by the peer-to-peer system. Experimental benchmarks provided evidence for the high performance

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