Markus (Oliver) Junginger
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Eclipse Plugins

Eclipse RSS/Atom Feed View Documentation

German version: [Deutsche Dokumentation] (ausführlicher und aktueller)

Attention: The current version has many new features, which are not documented here yet. Until this section will be updated, you will have to find out on your own...

After you have sucessfully [installed the Eclipse plugin] [RSS View], you probably want to add feeds. This is done in the preferences, available when you press the triangle in the corner of the view. You can also use the standard way to access the preferences ("Windows->Preferences->RSS/Atom View"). Here, you see a list of feeds, and two buttons to add or remove your feeds. Do not forget the protocol in the URL, e.g. feeds usually start with "http://".

General Usage

In each line of the view, you will see the headline of an feed item. To get more information, simply point your mouse at it to see details in a tooltip or doubleclick the feed item to open the associated URL in the browser.


Q: How can I add my RSS feeds, and customize the periodic refresh?
A: The settings are available in the preferences (Eclipse's menu "Windows->Preferences" and choose "RSS View"). You can also press the black triangle in the view and choose "Preferences".

Q: What should I do if a feed does not display correctly?
A: Check if it is an really an issue with RSS View by checking the feed in XML mode or another news reader. If it is, please report which feed caused the problem.


For the latest version 1.4.x I would like to Jason Kusnier who gave great feedback.