Markus (Oliver) Junginger
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Eclipse Plugins

FreeMem Eclipse Plugin

FreeMem is a graphical memory monitor supporting Eclipse 2.x and 3.0. It is freely available under the [Creative Commons License, Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0].

Screenshots and Features

Regular View

Minimized view

  • Short term memory monitor showing the last minute
  • Long term memory monitor showing the last two hours
  • Manual and automatic garbage collection
  • Graphical memory indicator in the title bar
  • Preferences to adjust display and behaviour


Just add the update site "" to Eclipse's update manager. [Details]

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Change History

2005/06/18: V1.3.0 optimizes UI updates to save CPU resources and also includes a new menu and small fixes. (Thanks go to Elmar Sonnenschein for his feedback and support.)

2005/04/02: V1.2.1 contains minor improvements, e.g. a tool tip displays the maximum memory available to the VM.

2005/04/02: V1.2.0 works with Eclipse 3.1 M6 and provides another small bug fix. Starting with this release an update site is used to make installation and upgrades smoother.

2005/03/12: V1.1.0 improves the automatic gargabe collection, which slowed down the opening of new Eclipse windows in previous versions.